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About us


"We believe you!"

Tennessee Investigations of the Paranormal (T.I.P.) is a group consisting of individuals from various backgrounds, whose sole purpose is to prove that something is not paranormal in nature. We are all skeptics who truly believe in the motto "Seeing is believing!". Although we are all skeptics, we have all experienced something in our lives that could not be explained. It is because of these experiences that have led our investigators to believe that there is something else out there.


When our clients call us, we take their report of activity seriously. We then set up an interview with the client and try to gather as much information possible to assist us with our investigation. 

During our investigations, we document these reported activities using our equipment and try to debunk any activity that may be caused from normal occurrences. If we determine that the activity is paranormal in nature, we will then try and figure out whether or not the activity is intelligent, residual or demonic in nature. If we determine that a haunting is demonic in nature, we will work hard with our client to procure a priest to do a blessing and rid our client’s property of the negative entity. If the paranormal activity is intelligent in nature, we will try and determine the cause of the entity’s reason for being there and find a way to help that entity move on if the client requests the entity to leave. If the paranormal activity is caused from residual activity, we will sit down with the client and help them to come up with a way to deal with the activity.

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