Alisha Grundmeyer, 42, was born in Nashville, Tennessee but was raised in the small town of Coopertown, TN. After high school, she went on to marry and have three children before pursuing her college education and graduating in 2007 as a Medical Assistant.

     Although most of her time has been dedicated to her family and education she has always had deep seeded interest in the paranormal. This interest all started in the summer of 1985 when she was at the tender age of six years old while playing in the backyard at her cousin’s house. The house set far from any major road but it did have a dirt road that ran right beside it. Suddenly as though it just appeared out of thin air was a covered wagon and a man and woman dressed in 1700 era clothing. As it passed by the side of the house Alisha made eye contact with the lady and waved at her and she waved ever so slowly back. Just as it disappeared from sight around the side of the house Alisha ran to get another glimpse and it was gone like it had vanished.

     Her next paranormal experience happened when she was about fourteen years old. She was babysitting for a family in the historical district in Springfield, TN. This home just happened to be a large Victorian style home with the large winding staircase. As she was about to feed the children their lunch she was drawn to a mirror that how it was hung you could see the staircase. As she gave into whatever was drawing her she saw a lady dressed in a long flowing white gown going up the stairs.

     Her paranormal experiences didn’t stop there however. Years later after having her first child she had an experience when one of her son’s toys would turn on even after the batteries had been removed. It’s because of these various paranormal experiences, that has left Alisha wanting to learn more about the paranormal. Alisha joined Tennessee Investigations of the Paranormal to better understand the things that happened to her, and to hopefully be able to help others.