My name is Thomas Doran and I am an investigator with Tennessee Investigations of the Paranormal (T.I.P.). I have always loved helping people in my community, which is why I wanted to get involved in paranormal investigations. My first experience with the paranormal occurred when my wife and I first met. I have had an unknown entity physically attack me, leaving scratches on my skin. I have heard doors slam and footsteps in my home when no one was there but me. Ever since this happened to me, I have always been interested in the paranormal. My personal experiences have opened up my mind to the possibility of another existence beyond our death. It is this reason that has caused me to search for more answers. I then contacted T.I.P. who allowed me to attend one of their residential investigations. After I witnessed firsthand how they performed their investigation and were able to help their client understand the type of activity they were having in their home. I then decided to apply for membership with T.I.P., because I wanted to be able to learn from their experience. I also wanted to be able to help other people who had paranormal activity in their homes, and help teach them how to deal with their activity.