Need Help???

If you have activity going on in your home or business, that you think may be paranormal in nature. Please follow the below listed guidelines for contacting us for help. 

1. You can contact us by filling out your contact information on our "Contact Page" on this website. 

2. You can send us a message on Facebook by visiting "" and clicking on the "Send Message" tab.

3. You can also email us at, explaining your activity and your request for help.  

Once you have contacted us by one of those means listed above, we will review your complaint and then set up a time and day to conduct an interview either in person or on the phone. (Note: We would rather conduct the interview in person, but may have to do it over the phone depending on the location of your home or business.)

After our initial interview over the phone, we will then email you several documents that will need to be filled out prior to us coming to your home or business to conduct an investigation. These documents usually include a "Pre-Investigation" form, a "Confidentiality" form and a form giving us permission to investigate your home or business. 

After we have set up a date and time to come and investigate your home or business, there are several things that you will need to do prior to our visit. 

  1. If you have any children, we ask that you make arrangements for them to stay somewhere else for the evening. Having children in the home during the investigation may contaminate our evidence. Children have a tendency to be very unpredictable at times, and can make a lot of unnecessary noise during the investigation. Not to mention, we may confuse or scare your child with our presence in your home or business. 

  2. We know that there can be a feeling of excitement having paranormal investigators in your home or at your business. Because of this, we ask that the only ones present during the investigation be the occupants of the home or business and anyone who actually witnessed the activity. This will help with preventing our evidence from being contaminated.

  3. If you have any pets that have a history of being aggressive towards strangers, we ask you to make sure that they are properly restrained. Even though it is their home, our safety comes first. 

  4. We appreciate you inviting us out to your home or business, to assist you with your complaint. As I mentioned before, our safety comes first while we are conducting these types of investigations. Because of this, we ask that anyone staying at the home or at the business during the investigation, must not be under the influence of either alcohol, illegal narcotics or prescribed narcotics at the time of our investigation. If we find anyone under the influence at the home or business, we will discontinue our investigation and leave. 

  5. We would also like for you to notify the adults living in your home or working at your business that we are coming there to do an investigation and get their consent for us to be there prior to our arrival. The last thing we need is someone coming home or arriving at your business and finding us there without their knowledge or consent. Safety comes first, and the last thing we need is for one of our investigators being attacked or shot for being at that location. 

  6. We as a team will not investigate a home or business, if there are any signs of witchcraft, voodoo, Satan worshiping or any other type of rituals that can conjure up evil spirits or demons. If we find any evidence, and this includes the use of a Ouija board, we will discontinue our investigation and leave. 

Once we arrive at your home or place of business, we will speak with the occupants and witnesses separately to gather whatever information about the activity that we can. We will then set up our equipment and prepare ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically for the upcoming investigation. Although most of our investigations will be conducted at night, we sometimes conduct investigations during the day depending on the amount of activity that is occurring and the time of the day that it normally occurs the most frequent. Our investigations usually last 3 to 4 hours depending on the activity. After the investigation is complete, we will take down our equipment and leave your home or business as it was prior to our investigation. We will then take 3 or 4 days to review the evidence, and contact you afterwards to set up a date and time to go over any evidence we may have found. We will also provide you with a digital copy of the evidence that we have collected from the investigation. 

After the evidence has been reviewed with you, we will then discuss with you about what we believe is going on in your home or business. We will then go over with you the best way to either co-exist with the activity, or help you with removing the source of the activity from your home or business.  

"We are a non-profit organization. We do not charge for our investigations, and our investigators are not compensated for their time or efforts with conducting these investigations."