My name is Rodney Grundmeyer and I am the Director of Tennessee Investigations of the Paranormal. As a retired law enforcement officer of 22 years, I have seen and heard things during my career that I could not explain. My first experience with the paranormal happened back in 2007, which was about 2 years after Hurricane Katrina. I received a call from my dispatcher about an alarm activation at the Pontchartrain Yacht Club in Mandeville Louisiana at about 3:00am. The alarm came from the rear door to the business. When I arrived on the scene, I jumped the fence and walked to the back of the business where the rear staircase was to the business. As I reached the top step and turned the doorknob, I heard a loud male voice behind me say “Hello There!”. You can imagine my reaction when I heard the voice. I spun around expecting to see someone there and to my surprise there wasn’t. I then immediately heard a loud commotion coming from the bottom of the steps near the swimming pool that sounded like a large party going on with multiple people mumbling to each other. Keep in mind, I could see the entire pool area from my vantage point, and could not see anyone anywhere around the pool or near the building. Being that it was 3:00am in the morning, I was the only one there. I then started to think like a police officer and thought that the sounds may have been coming from inside of the building. After all, the door was unlocked when I turned the door knob to the back door. I then called on the radio and requested a back-up officer to assist me with a building search. When the other officers arrived, we then went inside of the building and did a room to room search. When I entered the woman’s restroom, I immediately smelled a strong odor of a cigar. I searched the bathroom, but could not find the source of the smell. I continued to search the remaining rooms, but was unable to find anyone in the building. We then locked up the building and left the scene.

     To give you a little history about the yacht club, it had been a place for the upper-class people in Mandeville who owned yachts; to meet and have family get togethers and parties. The original building had been there for more than 38 years prior to Hurricane Katrina. When Hurricane Katrina hit, it pushed a 14-foot tidal wave onshore, which completely washed away the original building. The following year, the new building was constructed on the exact location of the original building. I truly believe that since the original building meant so much to so many people, it held a lot of energy. When the new building was built on the exact spot of the original building, it must have stirred up some energy that caused the paranormal events that I witnessed that night when responding to that alarm. It was at that moment that I needed to find out more about what I experienced.

     I then contacted a paranormal group in Louisiana and asked them if I could tag along on one of their investigations. They agreed, and my paranormal adventures continued from there. After receiving my first ever class “A” EVP during that investigation, I became hooked on the paranormal. 


     Over the next eight years I researched whatever I could about the paranormal. I read books, watched videos and gathered as much information that I could with regards to supernatural. In September of 2016, I joined T.I.P. and later became the Director of the group.


     Our group currently consists of four active team members and two part-time team members. Our group also has over 41 years of paranormal experience between all of our team members combined. It is our mission as a team, to help people to understand the paranormal realm, and help to educate them on how to co-exist with these paranormal entities.