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There are various types of hauntings. Below is a list of the most common types of hauntings that people may encounter. 

Intelligent Hauntings

If this ghost is able to interact with us, is aware of us, can touch us, can communicate with us, then this is an intelligent haunting. 

Some reasons the ghost may be tied to the site or people:

  1. Died as a result of a traumatic event, murder, car accident, etc.

  2. Due to unfinished business.

  3. The spirit may have died suddenly and not realized he/she died.

  4. The living loved ones are so emotionally distraught they can’t let go.

  5. The spirit is emotionally connected to their loved ones.

  6. They cannot rest due to an injustice done to them.

  7. Fear of the other side or judgment

Residual Hauntings

Residual hauntings  can occur when something traumatic or stressful occurs, such as a murder or a rape. It is like a recording playing back over and over again. These types of hauntings are usually not dangerous in nature. 

Demonic Hauntings

Demonic hauntings are caused from demonic forces (demons). Demons can appear to their victims as children, as animals, as a human, as a shadowy figure or as a horrific looking creature. These types of hauntings can be very dangerous in nature if not addressed and dealt with accordingly. In most instances, a priest or someone from the clergy needs to be present to exorcise the demon. They will then need to do a blessing of the property to prevent the demonic presence from returning.  

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